PrestaShop Advanced Search

Latest version: 1.0.3

Published: Jul 19 2021

PrestaShop: v 1.7.x

PHP: >=7.2

Download: ZIP TGZ

GitHub: PrestaShop-Advanced-Search


The plugin extends the search box functionality.

Product suggestions will appear with attractive product information and images instead of the simple name list.
PrestaShop Advanced Search frontend

The module is free, you can install it on any number of shops. PrestaShop Advanced Search is open source and can be modified according to your needs.


  • Enable [YES/NO] - enable / disable plugin in the store.
  • Search type [OR/AND] - the way the search engine treats multiple words in a field. Selecting OR will cause the search engine to find all products containing any word from all those entered in the field, setting AND will only search for products that contain all of the words.
  • Search within main categories [YES/NO] - enabling this function will display a list of main categories next to the search field and will allow you to search only within a specific category.
  • CSS - the ability to add your own CSS styles for the search engine
  • Show results again [YES/NO] - enabling this function fixes the default search engine behavior in the store - after searching for terms and re-clicking on the field, the search results will not appear until the next character is typed. Enabling this feature fixes the error.
  • Show module in menu [YES/NO] - enabling this function displays a link to this module in the admin panel menu.

PrestaShop Advanced Search backend

PrestaShop search engine functionality

The PrestaShop Advanced Search addon uses the PrestaShop weight settings to display the results in the search box.

You can find these options in the administration panel: Configure -> Preferences -> Search -> Weight

The "weight" represents its importance and relevance for the ranking of the products when completing a new search. A word with a weight of eight will have four times more value than a word with a weight of two.

We advise you to set a greater weight for words which appear in the name or reference of a product. This will allow the search results to be as precise and relevant as possible.

Setting a weight to 0 will exclude that field from search index. Re-build of the entire index is required when changing to or from 0.

PrestaShop Advanced Search backend


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